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Houston Plant Fest 2009 video – Part 2 “ADG”

This is the last video clip from Houston Plant Fest 2009. Mike Senske from ADG (Aquarium Design Group) graciously opened up the door to The Gallery, showed us around, performed very successful workshop, and last but definitely not least, raffled off new “Open Top ADG Prototype” tank. If you are in Houston, make sure you visit ADG and talk to Mike & Jeff Senske.

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Houston Plant Fest 2009 video – Part 3 “The Funniest Moments”

A lot of folks are waiting for this one so here it goes. Few names were removed not to upset Luis 🙂 We all know that I missed a lot of good moments but it is not bad for the first time. Next year I plan on installing hidden camera. Imagine ?

Enjoy and tell me what you think !


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Houston Plant Fest 2009 video – Part 1 “San Marcos”

Last week I visited my friends in Houston for another successful Houston Plant Fest. Photographs and more videos are coming but for now here is a quick clip from native collecting in San Marcos.

Please let me know what you think ! Video editing is extremely time consuming. Enjoy !

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