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Jay L (Greenstouch) has been in the aquarium hobby since the age of 15 and has kept fish from all over the world – livebearers, West/East African cichlids, South American cichdlids, killies, tetras, rasboras, etc – but aquatic plants are what have really kept him going over the years. He is a member of multiple plant clubs. His passion for photography combined with his interest in fish and plant-keeping has led to his aquatic photography being featured in and on the covers on numerous magazines, including Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Aqua Journal, Aqua Planta, FAMA, Aquarium Fish Magazine, The Animal Companion, and The Aquatic Gardener.

Greenstouch brings a style that combines the visual impact of fine art photography with photojournalism. His creative past as a painter and mix media artist gives him the ability to create unique, exclusive and irreplaceable craft. Photography has an enormous meaning to him. He strives to capture “that” spontaneous moment which would show character, inner depth and uniqueness. He believes in “falling in love at the first sight” when looking at the photographs. While the moment attracts the attention of the viewers, his goal is to hold their attention as well.