NJAS 50th Anniversary 

North Jersey Aquarium Society - NJAS

North Jersey Aquarium Society had its 50th Golden Anniversary Weekend on Sept 26-28, 2003 in Piscataway, New Jersey. We had the largest show ever attempted in our 50 year history. We had 34 class all species show sanctioned by the American Cichlid Association (ACA), the American Livebearer Association (ALA), the Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS), and the Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies (NEC). There were also two other fully sanctioned shows that weekend. The Big Apple Betta Breeders and the Philadelphia Area Betta Breeders hosted an official International Betta Congress (IBC) show, and the East Coast Guppy Association hosted an official International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) show, all in the same place.

NJAS had top speakers to present various topics:

Dr. Paul Loiselle - "Big Cichlids"
Dr. Tony Orso - "Fishes of Australia"
Dr. Leo Buss - "Betta's"
Rusty Wessel - "Collecting in Belize and Mexico"
Rosario LaCorte - "LaCorte and his fish room"
Stan Shubel - "Guppies"
Steve White - "Tetras, Barbs, Killies"
Pam Chin - "African Cichlids"
Pat Donston - "Reef Techniques"
Chuck Davis - "Catfish"

Some of the pictures were taken by friend of mine - Luis Morales (credit - thanks !!!)

Joe DiBartolomeo presenting an award for #1 place in Novelty Tank (which is my
10G Biotopia tank

Photography - Prints Class entry and Certificate for Photography Class Sponsorship.

Looking at 10 gallon winner tank with Scott Hieber (* he wanted Marsilea quadrifolia :) )

Looking at Protomelas taeniolatus (aka. Red Empress) with Matthew Montoney.

The Aquarist - Rosario LaCorte. His fish room presentation, fish selection, history of fish breeding and international collecting trips are breathtaking.

Dr. Paul Loiselle - One of the executives in Brooklyn Aquarium. Nationally know for his Madagascar collecting trips.

Pam Chin - African cichlids addict

Lee Finley - main aquaria/fish book distributor in US. Holding one of the bibles - Diana Walstad "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium" 2nd Edition.

Wayne S. Leibel and Pam Chin

Scott Hieber contacted NJAS and was able to promote Aquatic Gardeners Association by providing AGA '03 brochures and pictures from AGA '02.

Photography table had a very strong participation (red arrow - my entry)