Events / Houston Plant Fest - April 2005

Once again "Plant-Fest" organized by Luis Navarro and Senske Brothers was a success. I want to take this opportunity and thank Luis for his endless help for "out-of-towners" and thank Jeff and Mike Senske for their hospitality.

This was the first time I visited ADG - Senske's Gallery and I would strongly recommend to visit ADG Gallery and see their work. Place is top of the line with great aquascapes.

Luis' tanks are what aquascape is also all about. There is a lot of Nature Aquarium influence in his work. His private aquariums at home as well as tanks in his office were top of the line.

Day 1 - Native collecting in San Marcos -
Houston - Native Collecting

Day 2 - Was all about ADG and their client's setups. Ten of us got together and visited four different planted aquariums. All four were top of the line with great aquascapes, interesting fish choices and excellent overall presentation.

Day 3 - Luiz Navarro tanks were part of Day 3 activities. Our time was limited and I felt like I was running around and snapping pictures. Once again, reflection was horrible. Huge windows around the tanks didn't help at all when taking full tank shots. Luiz's tanks were spectacular, at least in my opinion. Great plant placement, powerful composition and well selected fauna showed that Luiz knows what he is doing.

Day 3 - New 75gallon setup was aquascaped by Jeff Senske, Oliver Knott and Luiz Navarro. There was about ~40 people who attended Live Aquascape and Oliver's presentation. Unfortunately I had to catch a flight back to New Jersey and I missed Oliver's talk. H
ere is step-by-step how experienced aquascapers put together planted aquarium.

Here is an updated picture taken by Jeff Senske few weeks later after initial setup
(© Jeff Senske)

ADG Gallery has amazing reef and saltwater setups as well. Here are few samples of very healthy aquarium and close-ups of corals.