Events / Nature Aquarium Society of Houston meeting- September 2006

    Another friendly get together organized by good friends from Houston - Luis Navarro and Thanh. This time we had Ghazanfar Ghori (Northern Virginia), who was a speaker at Nature Aquarium Society of Houston meeting, Ricky Cain (Dallas, TX) and myself – Jay L (New Jersey).

    Luis once again opened the door to his office and home and showed us beautifully aquascaped tanks. We all got a tour around new Luis’ house and had a pleasure to see at least 5 empty ADA tanks, ADA dry-goods, PC/HQI light fixtures and other miscellaneous gadgets ready to be put together.

    Obviously Houston trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to
Aquarium Design Group (ADG). Mike Senske gave us a quick tour around the gallery and talked to few of us about recent visit to ADA Party in Japan. After listening to Ghazanfar’s presentation “Understanding Fertilization and detecting deficiencies” and receiving a free copy of latest ADA catalog (thanks Mike !) we made our way to MACNA.

    Marine Aquarium Conference of North America 2006 took place in Houston’ Westin Galleria. Vendor room was mind blowing. Anything from magazines, custom tanks, water-changing auto systems, corals for sale, $3,000+ light systems…. They had everything. This year’s MACNA was different – Jeff Senske was one of the vendors with ADA products. It was like a “green drop” in blue ocean. We also found ELOS vendor with rimless tanks, professional looking CO2 equipment and reef / salt product lineup. I wish AGA Convention was as big or at least close to MACNA, hopefully one day.

Another great weekend with great friends who share the same hobby. Thank You !!!