Conventions / Aquatic Gardeners Association November 2004

The Aquatic Gardeners Association, Inc.

2004 Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention was hosted by
The Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association or better knows as GWAPA.

The Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association is a place for those interested in aquatic plants to gather together to exchange information, plants, and simply spend some time having fun with fellow aquatic plant enthusiasts.Those with all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate. Their members range from beginners with
"brown thumbs" to advanced plant growers. GWAPA currently meets every month. Each meeting is held at a different member's home. This gives an opportunity to see many different plant setups and various ways of keeping them.

2004 Convention was a special one for me and in my opinion many others. I initially suggested and later encouraged GWAPA BOD to organize "special event" with top-of-the-line speakers. Personally, I have to say that mission was well accomplished. GWAPA presented excellent entertaining and financial options for all AGA members. This one will be hard to beat.

Some of the pictures you will see below, appeared in Aqua Journal vol.112 magazine ran by Takashi Amano ADA.

Thursday, November 11th

  • Welcoming at Ghazanfar's House

  • Thursday, November 11th

  • Welcoming at the Hospitality room
  • Meeting the speakers and other hobbyists from around the country

  • Friday, November 12th

    Field Trip:

  • Baltimore Aquarium
  • Lunch at the Inner Harbour
  • Visit to Aquarium Center

  • Friday, November 12th
    Convention kick off:

  • Aquarium Ecology by Diana Walstad
  • Paludariums by Mike Senske
  • Hospitality room gathering

  • Saturday, Nov 13th

  • Cryptocorynes - Variety & Collecting by Jan D. Bastmeijer
  • Nature Aquariums - Takashi Amano
  • Focus Groups (two sessions)
  • Answer Session - Amano & Jan answer your questions
  • Banquet: Seated dinner, Awesome Aquascapes - a judges perspective
  • AGA Aquascaping Contest Award ceremony

    Saturday, Nov 13th
  • Aquacaping talk by Takashi Amano


    Sunday, Nov 14th

  • All Day Silent and Live Auction