Absolutely Fish by Jay L 

Absolutely Fish store located in Clifton, New Jersey on rt.46 has an excellent example of well maintained planted tank. James Spink is the owner of this heavy planted 130 gallon tank. Absolutely Fish is one of the best salt-water fish stores in New Jersey or even on the East Coast. I was amazed when I saw James' tank and very healthy looking Ammania gracilis, not the easiest plant to keep even by more advanced hobbyists. I decided to go back to the store, do quick interview, take some pictures and gain more knowledge.

- ~130gallon acrylic custom made tank
- 2 x 5feet VHO lamps - 140watt each (~10,000K - not sure)
- No reflector except DIY reflective material over Ammania
- 20lbs CO2 injection w/ DIY reactor (~2-3 bubble/second)
- Wet/Dry
- 80 Fahrenheit temp
- PH ~6.6ppm
- KH 4
- 50/50 Flourite/regular gravel

- 50% weekly water changes
- addition of K, Fe, NO3, Trace through 2part Kent fertilizer on weekly basis. No PO4 addition.
- Root tabs or Jobe Sticks every 6 months

- Microsorium pteropus
- Echinodorus tennelus
- Micranthemum micranthemoides
- Vallisneria sp.
- Ammania gracilis
- Eusteralis stellata
- Cryptocoryne balansae
- Cryptocoryne retrospiralis
- Crinum aquatica
- Hygrophila salicifolia

(*There is a salt water tank located right across from planted tank so please excuse reflection.)