Aquaria / 90 Gallon: May 2006 - Present

This is one is special !!! I went all out, purchased custom made rimless/starphire tank with round/edge finish, clear german silicone and thick glass. I finally decided to try HQI lighting and best choice for this tank was CoraLife fixture - 2 x 150HQI / 4 x 65Watt PC. I also decided to try ADA products: Amazonia, Powersand and Pollen Glass diffuser. I'm simply amazed how "proper" substrate can make a difference. I have never seen such rapid and healthy growth in aquatic plants. Amazonia / Powersand will be my choice of substrate for all my future tanks. This project is still in progress :)

Tank specs:
Tank size: 90G custom starphire glass (48x22x20)
Lighting: 2 x 150HQI / 4 x 65Watt PC
Filtration: Eheim 2128
CO2: Milwaukee SMS122 / Regulator
CO2: ADA Pollen Glass diffuser
Substrate: ADA Amazonia / Powersand
Fertilization: KNO3 / KH2PO4 / K2SO4 / TMG
Maintenance: 30Gallon water change weekly

* Pictures listed in chronological order

1st Phase - Hardware

2nd Phase - Planting