Aquaria / 75 Gallon: May 2004 - September 2006

After aquascaping for years, or at least trying to, in 13" of depth I upgraded my 55Gallon tank to 75Gallon with more pleasing 18" of depth. Those 5" made a huge difference and gave me ability to finally create "middle ground." Creating "3D environment" wasn't a challange anymore. I will never go back to "2D" restrictions of 55Gallon tank which at the moment is only being utilized for fish breeding purposes.

Tank specs:
Tank size: 75G All-Glass
Lighting: 4 x 55Watt PC
Filtration: Eheim 2028 / Eheim 2217
CO2: Milwaukee SMS122 / Regulator
CO2: Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 1000
Substrate: Eco-complete / Flourite / Laterite / Peat Moss
Fertilization: KNO3 / KH2PO4 / TMG
Maintenance: 50% water change weekly

* Pictures listed in chronological order