Aquaria / 55 Gallon: 2000 - April 2004

Interest in aquatic world began back in late 1990s but this was my first "true" planted aquarium set up approximately in 2000. I consider this tank my first "battle ground" for CO2 vs. Light vs. Nutrients. In this tank I was testing my knowledge about previously mentioned three main components. Here I was trying to imitate what I saw in three Nature Aquarium World books written by Takashi Amano. This tank sparked my interest in online communities, fish clubs, plant clubs, meetings and various conventions.

Tank specs:
Tank size: 55G All-Glass
Lighting: 4 x 40Watt T12
Filtration: Eheim 2028
CO2: Generic Regulator / DIY Reactor / Eheim diffuser
Substrate: Flourite
Fertilization: KNO3 / KH2PO4 / K2SO4 / TMG
Maintenance: 50% water change weekly

* Pictures listed in chronological order