Aquaria / 1.6 Gallon: February 2006 - Present

My desk needed "green splash" and "life" presence. I had some space restrictions and finally settled for small 1.6gallon cube. It was quite a challenge to find proportional wood, rocks, fish, plants. I was able to use some of manzanita wood that I ordered for 90gallon project, I used lava rock purchased in Home Deport, purchased small school of Rasbora Maculata and planted with Taiwan Moss. This tank is "king of low-maintenance." I add Seachem Excel and do water changes once monthly. That is it !!!

Tank specs:
Tank size: 1.6G cube
Lighting: 2 x 9Watt PC
Filtration: Red Sea Nano filter
CO2: Seachem Excel
Substrate: ADA Amazonia
Fertilization: none
Maintenance: 50% water change monthly

* Pictures listed in chronological order