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Cryptocoryne moehlmannii – spathe

Cryptocoryne moehlmannii and Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia look very much alike when grown emersed or submerged. To properly differentiate and identify the correct species is to flower the plant(s). I have both in my emersed setup and both flowered. The whole lower part of C. moehlmannii is exactly like C. pontederiifolia. However you can clearly distinguished two by noticing red dots in the top portion of Cryptocoryne moehlmannii tube.

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Cryptocoryne usteriana x walkeri – spathe

I’m starting to believe that one of the limiting factors in my setup was insufficient humidity levels. My first setup was a standard greenhouse tray with dome. Then I moved up to 10G setup with ceran wrap as a cover. Then upgraded to currently setup 75G but continued to use ceran wrap. I went through couple humidity meters but none of them showed accurate levels. Meter kept showing the same level on dry winter day and extremely hot summer day. Something was obviously off.

Few weeks ago I finally got a glass cover. Since then I noticed drastic increase in overall growth and most importantly – numerous flowers. Could it be all of the following: established environment, water, temperature, circulation, humidity or simply one of them ? I’m not sure but I know that the only elementes that were adjusted are: humidity and water circulation.

I received Cryptocoryne usteriana x walkeri from good friend of mine – Ghazanfar, few months ago. I was told that this plant came from one and only – Jan Bastmeijer. I guess I can cross another specimen off the list. 

Cryptocoryne usteriana x walkeri Cryptocoryne usteriana walkeri

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Cryptocoryne undulata – spathe

Another one crossed off the list. Cryptocoryne undulata flowered few days ago. No change to the setup.

About a week ago I finally got rid DIY foil cover and invested in glass lids. Humidity levels increased immediately ! I noticed that water circulation was inadequate so I introduced another small water pump. Slimy algae went away immediately. Nothing else to report …

Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryne undulata

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Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia – spathe

I came back from vacation and decided to check emersed setup. In all honesty, I look at the plants couple times a week since Cryptocoryne species are not the quickest growing plants. I scanned left to right / right to left / front to back … nothing. Bummer ! Just when I was walking away I thought I saw something “yellowish” between the leaves. I went back, looked closer and began smiling … finally another flower ! It “only” took 1.5y but hey, it is all about the patience after all.

If you are going to ask me what I did different, I really have nothing to say because I haven’t done anything to this setup since November 2008. I placed the plants inside, covered the top, mounted couple light fixtures and enjoyed it ever since. Maybe that is why I’m seeing flowers every ~6 months :).

Nevertheless, another spathe crossed off the list. Many more to go !

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

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C. wendtii ‘Green Gecko’ – spathe

And the “flowering game” began. I’m the proud owner of C. wendtii ‘Green Gecko’ ~2″ flower. I photographed most of the plants few days ago and did not notice the flower. Last night I looked closely and saw what I thought was melting leaf. I pulled the plant out, separated the leaves and viola – first flower. I hope to report soon with another update !

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gecko'

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