Tribute to Vicki Costley - True "Aquatic" Friend

Fish/Plant Aquatic Community was shocked to learn about tragic accident and death of Vicki Costley.

"A woman was killed yesterday afternoon in a three-vehicle accident in Shelby County that temporarily closed all lanes of Interstate 64 and stalled traffic for about two hours. Two cars were driving westbound on I-64 at 4 p.m. near mile marker 32 when they collided, Shelby County Deputy Sheriff Jason Rice said. One car slid to the right shoulder before coming to rest upside down. The other car crossed the median into eastbound traffic and struck an oncoming tractor-trailer, Rice said. The woman driving the car that hit the truck was killed. Her name and the names of the other people in the accident were not released." Mon, Oct. 20, 2003 Lexington-Herald Leader

Aquabotanic Forum along with Aquaden collected money and donated to the Guy Jordan Foundation through the American Cichlid Association were Vicki was a member.

The following people showed support for the total of $422:

- Jay L
- Ronald Nelson (rdn2)
- Zoltan Grose - Naomi/Gnome
- James Hoftiezer
- Paul Velasco (chavez)
- Gregg Stagg (send money from Australia. Thanks !!)
- Ghazanfar Ghori
- Robert Hudson
- George Willms
- Paul Chen
- David Lim
- Tracy Bennett (trace_lynn)
- Anthony Gomez (Gomer)
- Phil Edwards
- Wai Ming Ho
- Jay Reeves
- Scott Weintraub
- Carlos Sanchez (tsunami06)
- James Brady
- Phu-Long Pham
- Ann Viverette (Anonapersona)
- Justin Fournier (Justin604)
- Steven Lam (StevenL)
- Kevin Jones (JoneZay)
- Roger Miller
- Carlos Marques (tenor1)
- Jeff Ludwig
- Anonymous - $100

Misc. Responses:

"I will miss Vicki's wonderful insights. My deepest sympathy goes to her husband and sons. Their loss is very deep." - Roger Miller

"Oh my God, this can't be true! My mind can't even fathom this... She's been such a strong presence here and it's impossible to even imagine that she could meet such a tragic end. Prayers and condolences to her loved ones." - Naomi

"I'm speechless. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. I hope they find the strength to work through this tragedy." - Ghazanfar Ghori

"My heart goes out to her family, my deepest condolences to everyone in her circle of family and friends. She was a strong presence here and I will never forget some of the conversations we had. The invaluable info and experiances she has shared with me, has even been passed on to my customers here in Vancouver BC Canada. Her influences have spread far and wide, and she will be missed." - Justin Fournier

"It is sad news for us all. If she led all the aspects of her life as she did here on the boards I know that there are many more people that will miss her. She was a constant source of opitimism and help. Always a joy to hear from. My heart and prayers go out to her family." - James Hoftiezer

"Vicki had a passion that she shared with everyone. She was eager to help and always willing to go out of her way to make sure our questions were answered and our problems were solved. I was never embarrassed to ask her a question, I knew it would be thoughtfully considered and answered likewise. The world lost a kind soul, and we all lost a dear friend." - Mike Firincilli

"I am in absolute shock. We exchanged so many emails offline, and she was always enthusiastic. This hobby was a real passion of hers. It's hard for me to realize she's not there anymore. My thoughts go to all her friend and family back home. May she rest in peace." - Carlos Sanchez

"I would never have expected that the death of someone I had never met would effect me as much as news of Vicki's passing has. Vicki's posts on this forum were always informative and uplifting, without a hint of the 'flame' that can sometimes come up in print. While I never met her, or even exchanged emails, I always looked forward to reading what she had to say, even if it was for a topic that had no relevance to me. Vicki added a lot to this community, and for that I am grateful. I would imagine that she uplifted people more actively involved in her to a even greater degree. I will be making a contribution to whatever cause is fit, whether to the family, a good cause, or just bringing some beauty into the lives of the grieving. Vicki's presence here will not be replaced, but will surely be missed." - Scott Weintraub

"This tragic loss is very sad. My thoughts go to her family and those closest to her. Vicki was one of a kind, irreplacable, and forever wil be missed. With a very heavy heart." - Steve Hampton

"I just read the aquabotanic newsletter! Death isnīt hard for the one who dies, but for the ones who are left back. I guess she has a place in many many hearts out there and so the number of those who are mourning must be infinite. Take my last wishes Vicky and take care of your loved ones!" - Birgit & Wolfgang from Austria


"thanks for coming up with, and carrying out this collection. I think it gives *us* a chance to say a final "thanks" to Vicki for all her care and effort as a tireless moderator and a wonderful friend to everyone in this internet community. When I first heard the news (and after the initial shock), I wanted to *do* something. But I'm sure many of us are in the same position, having never met her in person and knowing little other than how helpful and sincerely caring she's been on the boards. So I'm glad you came up with the idea of sending flowers and a donation. I'm sure it will provide some comfort to her family to see just how many lives Vicki has touched and how, quite literally, "people all over the world" are feeling a deep sense of loss in the passing of a truly wonderful human being. Thanks, Jay! -Naomi

"Jay, you've made good decisions all through this arduous task. It is always difficult making decision and taking actions when strangers send you money since each of us has an agenda. Your integrity gave us the confidence that a good decision would be met. We all owe you a tremendous thank you for accepting the responsibility to see this through. Many thanks to you Jay!" - Carlos Marques

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